“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” says Walt Disney.

Yes, this is happening in the minds of the upcoming students and fresh graduates. They dream. They do the impossible!

Everybody has an ambition, an idea. But how many of them really work to pursue them?

Greetings readers, I’m yet another B.E. student (yet to complete) who is writing this post from the metropolitan of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I’m currently in my final phase of my engineering journey. Enough about me for now 😉

As per records, more than 1 Lakh Govt quota engineering seats were left empty in the Anna University counselling of 2015.

So what’s exactly happening? Are students dumb? Are students scared of engineering?  Hell No. They are well equipped to make their own choices and decisions.

Another interesting fact to be noted here is, a large amount of B.E. graduates quit their jobs and start their own ventures or get passionately curious. This phenomenon was so rare 15-20 years back. Of course those who succeeded are CEOs of big companies today. But what’s actually provoking the students and freshers to take these decisions? What’s the mindset/mentality of this generation students? As a student, I noted the following in my fellow friends and members of the Engineering community.

Large Scale exposure to social media

Almost all of us are connected to the internet 24/7/365. A-Z every content is available within a few clicks. Students can get expertise knowledge about anything and everything! All they need is an active internet connection and a device. Well in advance they plan their life and work towards it. Those who are really passionate about their ambitions work day and night right from their school days.

The strength to face failures

All of us fail at a point in our lives. There are who fail again and again. Are students strong enough to face failures? Yes, they are. Those who are determined about their passion develop a strong armour. An armour of hard work, hope and sweat. “Yes, i can” is their only mantra. Whatever failures they face, they are ready to face and get over them. A student may have a number of arrears in his academics, but he may be strong and famous in his own field which is obviously his passion.

Taking criticism in a positive way

In the journey of fulfilling their dreams, they are faced to a lot of criticism. Few may be humiliating, few may hurt our feelings. Getting angry or getting upset over these criticisms are gonna deter the person. Therefore, they take it in a positive way and get more thirsty to achieve their dreams. A smile can change everything. A simple smile scares the sh** out of people who mock them.

Ability to perform as a team

He/she maybe a friend or a person who shares common interests. The ability to form teams and organise themselves in working towards a task is widely seen nowadays. A great concrete example for this can be the Chennai flood relief operations done by various student and youth groups. This particular trait is seen widely in the students. Special thanks to schools which emphasise more on team activities.

The concept of start-ups

A separate post has to be written under this post! The inception of start-ups is an upcoming trend in almost all institutes. An 18-year-old can start a  company, brand it, release products or work on various services under a brand name during his schooling or college days. He may fail or succeed, that’s secondary. They have the determination and strength to start a venture of their own in spite of the financial factor. Most of the startups fail within one year. Keeping it secondary, if we take the number of startups and their innovative concepts, the result is booming! We’ll talk more on this in the upcoming posts.

The ability to finish their Under Graduate program

They love it or hate it. Every student takes equal amount of pains to complete his degree and make their parents happy. By the time they complete their Under Graduation. They are standing as young CEOs or experts who are going to be hired into various Corporates of the world. Ultimately they are winning in their lives. Their hard work pays. They start living their dreams. They earn for doing what they love. “They” may be an actor, director, poet, artist, musician, entrepreneur, chef, engineer, doctor ., etc…..

We will change the economy of India. Yes, it’s gonna happen 🙂

Hope this post was informative. I’ll be back soon with another post 🙂


Stay tuned.

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