Bangkok – JUST GO!


Bangkok, Thailand!! That’s what this post is all about!

It was 26th December 2014. Myself and two of my buddies were all set to start our journey to Bangkok. We were to attend an International Conference. Note that the conference was scheduled on 28th of December. This was going  to be my second trip to a foreign destination.

So here we were, three upcoming engineering graduates under no parent supervision 😉 , a considerable  amount of money to survive for a week, few clothes and a DSLR.

So here we were, three upcoming engineering graduates under no parent supervision 😉 , a considerable  amount of money to survive for a week, few clothes and a DSLR.

We landed at Don Mueang International Airport by 3:00 AM. The visa on arrival procedure was not so tough. But, none of those officials knew English. Few understood what we were trying to say. Actions helped 😛 .  The stamp of Thailand finally found its place in my passport. Welcome to Bangkok!

We rested for few minutes, then boarded a taxi to our hotel room. We reached around 6am. The city was so busy. The smell of street food was making us float within those streets. To say exactly, our room was a serviced apartment.Before checking in, we had a situation. Their standard timing for check-in and check-out was 1 pm. Now that we’ve reached by 6 AM, we decided to roam the streets. We visited few stores, came to know about our neighborhood for the next 5 days 😉

Finally, we checked in! It was a lovely, calm aura within those 4 walls. Air conditioned and perfectly lit. The beautiful view of the city was visible from our balcony. We didn’t sleep for more than 24 hours and we hit the bed.

“The Nest Service Apartment”

Address: 21/4 Juldis Tower, Petchaburi Soi 19, Petchaburi Rd., กรุงเทพมหานคร BM 10250, Thailand. 

Right from 7pm, the city slowed down. By 8pm, none was in the streets except for tourists and other night workers (If you know what I mean 😛 ). After finishing our dinner, we roamed the streets till 10pm, returned back to our accommodation. 27th was the date to confirm our presence in the conference. It was organized at Novotel Platinum, a luxury hotel in the heart of this city. Novotel is surrounded by shopping malls and business centers. We completed our registrations and strolled over the streets. A lovely attitude of the Thai people is that they expressed love and respect to all. No wonder they call it the “land of smiles” 🙂 . No matter how much you bargain, how much you fight, towards the end when you hand over money to them, they receive it by joining their hands and saying “Thank you” with a smile.

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The next day was the conference, it went great 🙂 Nothing more to say about it 😛 (hope you understand). We planned to visit Pattaya the next day. Mr.Moo, one of the executives in our service apartment said that he’ll take us to Pattaya. Mr.Moo was not so good with English, but his actions and expressions were simply awesome and entertaining. Mr.Moo was a humorous guy in his 20’s. He has a sister, countless number of girlfriends, a customized black Toyota sedan. It had golden rims, evil lighted interiors, sexy beats and racing engines!!! By 6am, Mr.Moo called us from the reception and asked us to get ready for the trip. Unlike his yellow Tee shirt and faded jean, Moo was wearing a jacket over his shirt, blue jean, boots, money purse, cap, and coolers. We were like, It’s Mr.Moooooooo 😀



Thai’s know how to live their life rather than just survive it.They just embrace the moment and get the maximum out of it. So Pattaya!! Here we come!

“Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya!”

“A man who is tired of Pattaya has blown all his cash”

“It’s adult Disneyland”

Those are few things people say about Pattaya. Believe me 😛 . We didn’t do anything evil in this city 😀

Pattaya is a city which is active all night right from the bars, casinos, adult entertainment hubs etc., They close everything by morning and rest for the day. Pattaya was different from Bangkok as it was a 100% tourist destination. Mr.Moo took us to the Coral islands or famously known as Koh Larn. It was an hour boat ride to Koh Larn. Seafood, water rides, beautiful beaches, and sexy bikinis. This was Koh Larn. We walked to and fro the beach and rested for a while. The beach was heart warming. Peacefulness all over. After returning from Koh Larn, our next destination was the Pattaya viewpoint. It was a small hill located near the Pattaya from which the mind-blowing view of the city can be seen. We finished our lunch and then headed to the viewpoint. It was simply WOW! All we wished was to see this view in the night. But Mr.Moo told us that we’d be leaving by 4, due to traffic and  safety reasons.


The view of Pattaya.

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We started from Pattaya by 3:00pm and reached Bangkok by 5:00. We slept for a couple of hours. Then, lunch and shopping.The next day was new year eve. Mr.Moo asked us to visit the Central World mall, where one of the world’s awesomest celebrations take place. The Central world was walkable from our place. We charged our cameras, took some cash and left for the night. Central World! No words to describe it. Party, dance, music, concert, booze, everything was going on at the same time. Top celebrities of Thailand came for the celebrations. We lived each moment of the celebration and the final countdown started… 45,44,43,42…..5,4,3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Jan 01, 2015. 0000 hrs starts with a bang! 2015 started with the fireworks, party, and smiles in the “land of smiles”, Bangkok. I was at one of the world’s awesome destination to celebrate the new year. The birth of new year at Central World, Bangkok was something unbelievable for my eyes. Lovely couples kissing all around, kids and teenagers dancing for the beats. The roads getting flooded by beer, endless fireworks by world’s top hotels and the list goes on!

We are back to our rooms by 1:00 am and slept for the night. The new year was the day to leave this beautiful place. We checked out by 1:00 pm. Our flight was at 7:00pm. We took a cab and reached the Don Muang international airport by 2:00pm, exchanged the remaining cash we had and rested in the lounge thinking of this beautiful journey.

In this journey, I discovered myself. New city, new people, new culture, new tradition, new music. It added peace to my life. We did not lose our control. We enjoyed each and every moment. From then on, I took up a decision. Each year I’ll be visiting  a new place or a new country far away from my home. If possible, each new year, I must celebrate at a whole new place. But Bangkok, we’ll be back 🙂

Lots of Love


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