It’s like we were born yesterday

I woke up to the sound of my alarm this morning. It’s 7:30 am and I had exactly 30 minutes to catch my office cab. Within a moment, a wave of thoughts come rushing inside my head. I’m gazing at the empty rooms of my house and thinking how life has changed in these 21 years.

Phase un – Baa Baa Black Sheep (0-5)

This is that phase where you get pampered and loved for whatever you do. People get excited watching you. Β Your first words. Your first walk. Your first fall. Your first laugh. Your first pee. Your first poo. It’s the time for all the “first”. Parents, relatives and friends carry you wherever they go. They make sure you are fine and comfortable with everything. Soon that stage where you shift from diaper to undies arrive! πŸ˜› Ideally, parents make you learn A,B,C and 1,2,3. They teach you rhymes and make you sing it whenever and wherever you meet a guest. Obviously, most of us sing a stanza and run away blushing as if we got a smooch from a hot girl/guy (wish it happens now- REGULARLY). Childhood πŸ˜‰ Then this big change comes. That shift from being just a kid to a “school-going” kid. You’d have a hanky pinned to your pocket. A small box with pencils. Now you need to wait for a break to pee πŸ˜› Welcome to books, papers, and pencils! πŸ™‚

Phase DeuxΒ – Those moral science classes (5-10)

So you’d have got used to school. Your parents and teachers will be so strict on your behavior. Β You may be subjected to various types of scoldings and other “punishment” stuff. When our teacher glues that golden star to our test papers, we are the happiest human beings on earth. Chocolates and ice cream make us orgasm πŸ˜› Foreign chocolates and pastries give us multiple orgasms! Phew! We slowly get to explore our talents. To put in other words… parents help us try various arts, sports, etc. We get to learn new concepts, we start equipping ourselves with various skills. There’ll be one particular “compulsory”class in our school. It’s called the “moral science” class or wisdom class. There’ll be an animated book with various moral stories which teach us about morals to follow in our life. Honesty, punctuality, patriotism, etc. These may sound fun and boring in childhood but, yes it helps a lot. Β In no time, you turn 10 years old. Congratulations! Now you’ve lived a decade on this planet earth.

Phase Trois –Β The bloom of friendships (10-15)

Friends start playing a major role from this part of life. There are few who get closer with their friends than their parents in several situations. We may think that our friends understand us better. We talk back to our parent’s lectures (ceaseless). But soon we’d realize that they were right from the beginning. It all starts with an evening snack along with a group of people. Slowly, as years pass by, a beautiful bond will be formed within themselves and fortunate people will have their friends forever. Like every other normal Indian school going student, your time comes to encounter the board exams. From nowhere you relatives call you and talk crap. Yes, crap. Everybody around you advises you that it’s gonna be the “turning point” in your life. Technically by that time, we won’t even be knowing what life is. It’s not a turning point in your life. You can take a turn in your life whenever needed (If you are strong enough). Get ready to face your first “serious” but fun exam of your life πŸ˜‰

Phase Quatre – Emotions, puberty, lessons, life (15-20)

By the age of “sweet 16” we’d have completed one of the two big exams. A drastic change in our emotions takes place. Again a series of “firsts” take place. Indeed, few “lasts” take place. Hormones get out of control and make you go crazy. Opposite sexes get attracted. Physical and mental changes. A period in which we hate our parents and elders. From this point onwards, our characters change. Our perspective changes. Good ones turn ugly. Few stupid ones turn awesome (I meant the people around us). Like a strike of lightning, 12th grade comes and it’s again time for exams (with added diversions). Again relatives jump in and ask for your grades/marks. Ha! now comes college life πŸ˜€ 4/5 years of college, then a job, then a marriage, then a parent (stereotype Indian). But things are gradually changing. Youths want to spice up their life. They are ambitious. Passionate. Thirsty to achieve. This is a part of life where we fail a lot. Fail again and again. It all depends on how we get up and run again. Girlfriend/boyfriend concept becomes the talk of the day (for 365 days). Porn πŸ˜› (I’ll stop with that!) Break-ups, patch-ups, one night stands, etc (You know better πŸ˜‰ ).A carefree lifestyle with regular cash transfer from parents and siblings. Meal with friends. Booze, party, police chase, now and then exams. Bros, Sis, a beautiful family of friends, cute fights, for a few a friendship may turn into a wonderful relationship. And! Finally, you’ll turn 20 and it’s time to get really serious about life. Hey!! congrats again! You’ve lived 2 decades in this planet!

Phase Cinq – Changes, Lessons, responsibility, Β (21… and on)

21. By this time, we’d have learned some lessons about life. It’s a stage when we realize that our parents have always been right. A sudden change in life. You have turned into an office going 21-year-old homo-sapien. You maybe a CEO or an executive or an “xyx” under someone. Finding time for personal life becomes a struggle. We dream of weekends and run this never ending race. All we can do is think of those good old days and smile at our memories (with a drop of tear). A fresh beginning. A relief from exams and an introduction to meetings, reviews, appraisals, etc. From dirty sneakers to polished shoes. From once in two days bath to everyday bath. Money management, new responsibilities and yes, it’s the inception of a new lifestyle. Soon we’re gonna be daddies and mommas πŸ˜› I’m not eligible to write about that. Coz I’m 21!!

OOPS! It’s 8:30 am. Need to run!! ciao! Will be continued πŸ™‚

Until next time…


Mukil Ganesan

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