The cheesy case of caste and gender bias in India.

There is a time during which we used to ask our parents, dad what have I to fill in the caste section? or mom what is this caste section with series of check boxes? What have I to tick? As a school kid, I and my friends used to wonder what’s all this caste thing about. Few used to say,

Dude I bleed red, I have 10 fingers, I have two eyes, I have two ears and you are similar to me in all this but how could people differentiate us with something known as “caste”? oops! Is it my shoe size?!?! Mine is larger than yours… Does it matter?Really? As this conversation grows and grows, the time to know about truth arrives.

It’s the season of all entrance examinations. Be it JEE/AIPMT/whatever. There are students and parents who literally breathe, eat, drink and dream of these top entrance examinations. They dream that their son/daughter is gonna get into a prestigious institute (whatever), study well (ha! let’s smoke weed bro), get into a highly  paying job (stress alert!), marry a rich woman/man (oww! more dowry *-*), lead a happy life and die someday (eww! that hurts). But….. There are people who consider this as their only passion in life. To get into top institutes of India, make their parents proud and live their passion. They prepare for these exams way too early and indeed they get impressive results. Yea, really awesome results. From nowhere the reservation jumps in. They fail to get a seat. I’ve seen few of my friends literally broken since they lost their seat because of reservation and indeed I’ve seen people who’d have slid easily into an institute with much lower marks. Finally, they end up into a good institute but not the best. There start the anger and vengeance of students. They rise against the reservation system, obviously not in public. But that pain still remains deep in their hearts.

Coming to gender bias. You are a girl/woman/mother/grandma. A standard one liner you would here on a regular basis. “You are a girl, you won’t know anything”,”You are a girl, why do you want to work?”,”You are woman, comfort your husband and take care of your household” and it goes on blah blah blah…. India is a country where men and women are not treated the equal. The lady justice (Justitia) holds the balance and stands blindfolded in all the courts and judicial buildings of India. Along with Justitia, the women of India are blindfolded by the fear.  Rapists are released on the streets, organs which are to be filled with love are filled with knives and rods. Let it be corporate places, schools, colleges, public transports., etc. Women and men are not dealt with equally. Men are like “how can a woman question me?”, “how can a woman beat my child in school”. Ugly things are still happening in few companies and institutions. Men/women, whoever it may be. Of course, there are still false accusations against men. But I’m just throwing light upon how this biased mindset affects the womanhood.

Girls and boys are not supposed to talk to each other in “some” educational institutions. It may be a school or a college. Obviously, guys are attracted to girls and vice versa. It’s the work of fresh testosterone and oestrogen getting pumped in their body. Where there is a high restriction, rises new and more ugly things. Still there are boys who don’t know how to talk to a girl or how to behave to a girl. They are scared. The reason they give “I’ve never talked to a girl since my childhood”. “Very few” parents/teachers think that their guy is a genius(or good) because he doesn’t talk to girls. I’m throwing this question to those people. What will you do when your son/student is gonna start a new life with a girl? Guys and girls in few colleges/schools are treated like shit just because he/she would have talked to the opposite gender. Yes, they can be punished when they do something totally inappropriate. But, just he/she says a “hi” or exchanges a notebook doesn’t mean that they are super villains who are dirtying the society or the atmosphere. Women and men are never going to be treated the same in India. Maybe few cities could develop in few years.

Getting back to caste. Intercaste marriages? Foreigners would not have heard about this right. Again this happens in India. Brides, grooms, and even the married couples are murdered since they did an intercaste marriage. The conflicts between lower caste, higher caste and intercaste are never ending. Fights arise in the name of God. You are seen as a devil if you had done an intercaste marriage. All of us bleed the same. All of us reproduce the same. All eat and shit the same. It’s true, a caste stamp could get you killed in this country. Caste would flood the streets with blood and flesh. Caste would implant violence in a school going kid. Caste would kill millions of youth’s dreams. Caste would kill create vengeance and anger. Caste would sometimes be an added advantage to harass you.

Caste and gender are used as a weapon by narrow-minded people to accomplish their desires. Politicians use caste and religion as an important lead while campaigning. We maybe a BC, OBC, MBC, SC, ST, OC or an ABC, XYZ, ACE or whatever combination of alphabets. But we are humans exclusively featured with the sixth sense. Act like one. Love more, peace is good 🙂 (always).




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