TN elections’16 – war of the votes!

In less than a week, we’ll get inked in our index fingers. A bunch of first timers will click multiple images of their index fingers. Social media will flood with posts on Tamil Nadu elections. May 19, yet another leader will be announced.

The advertisements and all the other Marketing activities will end. Web browsers and Televisions will be free from commercials and “promo” videos. As the date of election falls on a Monday, all of us will most probably leave to our hometowns, get some smell of mom’s food, get cozy in our own beds, get a piece of advice from dad and have fun with siblings, and… leave (after getting inked).

I used to get reminded of those elections which used to happen in my school days. We are asked to write the name of the candidate whom we choose and drop it in a box. Then they count the number of votes and our house leaders will be announced. That’s the end. After that particular day, we won’t care about those leaders. There’ll be an investiture ceremony where they take oaths. They’ll be one among the student community. They would not have promised anything to us. They’ll just nod to the teacher’s instructions and go ahead with their duties. There are few leaders who are equipped with an awesome smartness. That boldness, passion, and overflowing smartness will rarely be seen in others.  Whatever these leaders do, we tend to complete our home works, attend our tuitions, listen to our parents and move on with our life. Whenever the leader fails in an examination, teachers used to scold him as “you are a leader/house-captain, is this how you perform? You must be a role model to your juniors”.

I used to think sometimes, is there really a leader in modern times? about whom I can proudly boast to my children. Will the life history or political history of a candidate impact a person and make him passionate on politics? Down the lane in 10-15 years, will I be in a situation to talk to my juniors about the person who won the 2016 elections and how good he was? Will any politician’s life inspire a school kid or a youth? Are they worthy enough to be added as “chapters” in matriculation/NCERT books? How many parents will accept this idea? Why there are a very minimum amount of youth who say “I want to become a politician and serve the society“? With the advent of social media, everyone has access to information. It’s the stage for criticism in this tech world.

What’s wrong? Is politics being falsely portrayed in the media? Or are they focusing only on the negatives and ignoring the positives? Will a pack of biryani and a bottle of whiskey convince a faction of people to do anything? (as shown in movies and sometimes in reality). 18 years is set as the legal age for voting. How many youngsters in Tamil Nadu currently know about the alliances, the candidates and the election procedures involved? They’d have obviously by-hearted the election procedure to gain marks in their exams. How many of those youths are aware of the current affairs? Kudos to those who know :).A faction is protesting to close down the bars(TASMAC). Another faction of farmers is bleeding and dying each day. Yet another faction is suffering for food and basic amenities. The list can go on and on. Providing a laptop or a mobile phone or other gadgets are not gonna solve any issues.

With so much of complications/problems and with each party releasing colorful manifestos, each person promising that I’ll do this, I’ll do that, etc.. only critics can take the best decision. By watching the debates in Televisions and internet, our thinking might get closer to that of the critics.  With the overwhelming population of Tamil Nadu, the critics may contribute to only a minimum amount. The rest of the votes depend on the youngsters, senior people. In this situation, we’ll only be choosing and not deciding. I am not a politically savvy person, but I’m writing this from what I’ve been observing all these days. We talk a lot and debate a lot on who is gonna drink and cherish that single glass of wine.  Is it so easy to change the people’s mindset by using Television Ads and web advertisements? I guess freebies are just an eyewash. No student’s life is going to change if they are given a free laptop/internet/mobile phones. Eventually, the telecom industries will be benefited and their analytics graph will show an increasing trend. They are just gadgets that help us and guide us to access the world of technology.

It’s like a multiple choice question in our exams when we have that confusion with the options given. Our minds will be like “every option given here seems like the right one. But what if I’m wrong?”. We are facing the same situation. It all depends on the perception of each faction. Ultimately each faction’s aim is to serve the people but who’s going to be the best? It’s like asking the animals of the jungle – “who is the next king of our jungle? choose from the lions standing in front of you”. Who is the wise and best lion of all? It is up to the people of the jungle. We can only choose from the lions. It is all a matter of a single press of a button and a stroke of ink on your fingers. Choose wisely 🙂

Note: My views and ideas may conflict with yours. My polite apologies if I had contradicted your opinions. I’m just a fresh under-grad.  After all, we are the largest democracy in the world and I enjoy my freedom of speech 🙂

I’m also one among you, who’s going to choose the wise lion according to my perception.
Choose wisely – May 16.


Mukil Ganesan

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