When Apple was a fruit, Lollipop was a candy, Amazon was a forest.

To be born in the 90’s, I had the chance to experience an unsophisticated childhood. The 90’s kids grew along with the technology. There was a time in which owning a personal computer at home was a luxury. It was said that only the rich can afford a computer.

I still remember those floppy drives and a large mass of chip known as the pen drive. It’d store around 256-512mb and it cost more than a 2 gigs pen drive of the modern day. The monitors get heated up, a tug of war happens between the wires connecting monitors, keyboards, mouse, etc. Size decreased and technology increased. Video games and Television were the only source of entertainment for kids. Civil war rises every single time between the siblings for the joystick. Television, radio, and newspapers were the only sources of current affairs. Super Mario and Pacman would make my day. By the time we reached our fifth-grade computers were a part of our school syllabus. Charles Babbage’s portrait used to hang in computer labs. Then started the revolution of portable computing devices.

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By the time when we were in the mid of our school days, an amazing invention took place. Man invented the mobile phone or the cellular phone. Nokia was the first brand which my mom used. Nokia 3310 was a masterpiece. Throw it on the floor, smash it on the wall, play catch and catch, it will still work. The mono-color screen would light up my moods whenever I played the “snake” game (with audio). The next mobile phone was Nokia 1100. It was indeed an awesome phone. As years came by the mobile and computer market boomed. Huge number of players, respectful brands and cost-effective mobiles were introduced into the market. Our lives started getting dependent on these electronic machines without our own knowledge.  Everybody started owning a mobile phone and a computer. Focus shifted from the device to the brand. Nowadays people dream to own Apple’s iPhone or an Alienware machine. Apple was one such brand which grew from their innovation in technology (though they’ve faced loss in the first quarter revenue of 2016). People started using the internet. I still remember the interface of Windows 98 and Windows 2000 (enabled only with Internet Explorer). Modern kids would hang themselves with USB cables if they are asked to use them. But those were awesome Operating System during those times. In between these, the open source Linux operating systems played their role. That was the official boom of technology among the kids.

Gaming, Softwares, social networks, highly innovative devices, stylus-input, HD screens, Touch screens and now technology is taking us to experience the endless possibilities. Android-powered operating systems for smartphones has become so common. Man has surrendered himself to the technology. Entrepreneurs and innovators thought on how to use this dependency to generate revenue. There started the e-commerce! Amazon, Flipkart,  Jabong, Snapdeal, one after the other, started penetrating the Indian market and took shopping to a whole new level. It looked as if magic has happened. The same concept spread to various areas of business and commerce. Every single entity was migrating to computer codes and applications. Finally, the end result was to make people stay at home and let them meet their everyday requirements by just using a mobile phone/computer. Life is nowadays totally technology driven. The top preference is the best brand. Roadside sellers are moving into the e-commerce ecosystem. Devices are gaining the power of Artificial-Intelligence. Down the lane in the next 10-20 years what will be the advancements in technology? Even critics may find it hard to answer this question.

Will there be an end to this? Possibly no. But if it happens will the world survive it? Think of yourself being detached for a day from all the smart devices which you own. Imagine all internet services are down. Imagine there are no HD televisions or home theaters. Imagine the impact it may have on the economy. Imagine how it may crash the stock markets. The impact cannot be judged. When money stops flowing people get mad/the governments get mad. If that situation arises, we may come to know how we have surrendered ourselves to technology. Indeed, I’m writing this post from an air-conditioned room sitting on a comfortable chair only because of the skills which I’ve developed using technology. Computers and phones are highly necessary. But, the usage of these devices cannot be controlled. As technology grows, businesses grow. As businesses grow, the market grows. As markets grow, the economy grows. So where to draw the line? I won’t be able to answer this. When I was a kid, technology was a part of my life. Now my life rests under the coffin of technology. If the internet crashes, I’ll come to the streets as a jobless person. My cash inflow would deliberately stop. This is the situation of a large number of people around the world.

I miss the walk to the stores and bargaining in order to buy stuff. I miss the queue waiting to get a bus ticket. I miss the mono-colored phones. I miss the evening play hours in the playground. I miss the evening cartoon shows. I miss the kerosene lamps and candles which light up the night. I miss spending family time. I miss a lot. But, ultimately I am scared to live in a society without the use of technology.

If the time is up, will there be an one-up?

Until my next post 🙂


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