We part to meet again, somewhere… sometime…

There are times when the least expected happens. We take a lot of time to recapitulate the person or the event he/she is associated with. Few may turn out to be an ultimate shock. A person may come back to you after 10 years, and talk about an incident which you almost forgot. You may meet a “classmate” or a “batchmate” of yours at a train station/airport or a local bus. A batchmate will become a best friend. Most of the friendships grow stronger after getting a break from their routine. A bucket full of the feelings come rushing in you when you leave a person at his/her doorstep after spending the day with them. We miss them… and it’s weird, right?

In the past few months, I’ve had half a dozen encounters with people from the past. It would have been an old friend, the old enemy, old classmate or someone from my past. Someone who’d kindle up my memories. It’s blissful when you meet someone from your past. “How are you!” is the first phrase coming out of their mouths. We’ll be more than happy to answer them.  As conversation grows, a time will come to part again. A simple “bu-bye” will be the end of that conversation. This is totally a normal encounter.

Here comes the next type. It’ll start with a “hi” from a person who’s been long forgotten by you. A strange feeling erupts in you. “Why is he/she texting me?”. We wipe that feeling off and continue the conversation. Within a few minutes, a chain of truths will be flowing in the form of text messages. We blink at the phone/device. The person on the other side gets so emotional and all we do is, listen to them. After few minutes, a bye and a sorry comes. We are like “What happened right now!”. Totally dramatical.

Few encounters brings a smile. Few pains. Few changes our lives forever and few turn into a permanent memory. Nothing is certain in life.

“In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes definition. Death and taxes are the only things that we can be sure of.” –Benjamin Franklin

We rediscover ourselves. We get to know who we ‘were’ and who we ‘are’ now. If people recognize you, then you’ve made an impact on them, either positive or negative. Do not ever forget the one’s who helped and supported you during your tough times. We may run over anyone from our past, anytime. That’s for sure.

Those who have belief in fate, say it as “Maktub” meaning “It is written”. This is an Arabic word that constantly gets repeated in “The Alchemist”, a world famous novel by Paulo Coelho. Those who do not have belief/faith name these encounters as coincidences. But, ultimately we part to meet again.

We get another chance-

to reunite,
to cherish the memories,
to say sorry,
to fall in love,
to begin a war,
to speak the truth,
to shed tears,
to bid a farewell,
to get a new friend,
to propose again,
to die again,
to be reborn,

and… to meet again… Somewhere… Sometime…

With love,

Feature image courtesy- coffeandcreative.in

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