1034 days…

Winter in Switzerland was at its peak. The room was occupied by a pretty couple. The fireplace provided the warmth.

‘1034 days’,  She said blushing and turning pink. He was stroking her hair and kissed her forehead. They lay nearby the fireplace… covered in a blanket of wool. They kissed again. Their bodies glowed like gold. That night, it was time to make some passionate love and battle the cold with the warmth of their bodies. Beads of sweat fell on her cheeks. Now, they lay exhausted.

She started to speak again ‘1034 days… We’ve been married for 1034 days’. He gave a smile. ‘Do you remember the day we met?’ he asked. ‘You were wearing a blue sweatshirt, and you had those innocent eyes. Ha! you were literally hopping instead of walking’ he added. ‘yes I do remember’ she said with her sweet voice. He fell silent. So did she.

‘I want to grow old with you, I want to own a garden, grow trees where our children could play, build a small house where we could spend the last days of our life.’ he said watching the fire burning aside them. ‘mmm’ she mumbled. ‘A time will come… when our hair turn gray, skin gets wrinkled and our legs get weak, but only one entity will be fresh… This abundant love for each other will be fresh and tender like a newborn sapling. Each day will be a new beginning, every day will be a new bright day and the beauty of yours won’t fade away from my heart’. ‘mmm’ she mumbled again, this time so low.

He continued, ‘it’s been 1034 days of marriage life, we’ve been through tough times, extremely happy times, intimate times, but all through our life we’ll be together, forever in love. It has no end, so please don’t count. I can imagine how you’ll look when you are 85 years old, your hips will be bent, you’ll possess a weak body, but a strong heart filled with love’ he said. She was hearing all this and smiled. Again, both of them fell silent. She imagined everything he said and felt happy. Tears of happiness rolled down her eyes and fell on his shoulders.

He turned around and hugged her, having no idea why she cried. ‘I love you’ he whispered and kissed her forehead. She smiled again. Both of them closed their eyes. They felt the heat increasing around them. The couple stayed still like a lovely painting, hugging each other. She wiped her tears and scratched his cheek like a kitten. ‘I want to tell you something’ she told. He did not open his eyes but gave a weak sound, which meant that she must proceed. After giving him a kiss on his moist lips, she told.

“I am pregnant”.

He remembered the 1034th day for eternity.

Feature image courtesy – hdwallnpics.com


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