The girl with tender eyes

In our day to day lives, we meet few people from whose faces we can determine their pains, their dreams and their longing for a happy life. This was one among them…

I used to travel more than 20 kilometers to reach my workplace from my home. Obviously, the roads will be blocked due to heavy traffic. On a particular night, the cab came to a halt due to the never ending traffic and I was watching through my window. It was a family of 5. From my guess, the couple had two sons and a daughter, of which the daughter was the youngest. She would’ve been around 10-12 years old. They lived by the roadside in a small hut. They were making handmade brooms. This was their business. They made brooms for a living. They slept by the roadside, aside their stack of brooms.

From their looks, it was evident that they were leading a very poor life. The roads were filled with luxurious vehicles, employees from corporates and college/school students from posh families. Everyone walked past them. That night, our eyes met. The little girl’s eyes and mine were connected. The world became silent.

I was sitting comfortable in an air conditioned vehicle, whereas she was sitting on the platform. With torn  clothes and dusty face, she sat there. Her eyes spoke. I listened. Her innocent eyes told this…

“Will I get to wear a slipper someday? Will I get a chance to attend a school? Will I wear a nice dress like these corporate employees? Will I get to see a movie with my parents? Will I get freedom from this life? Will my hands stop to pain from the incessant work I do? Will I ever get a bathroom to take a bath or shall I have to hide behind my hut forever?”

And slowly, she started stabbing me with her tender eyes which were almost similar to a baby. Now her soft eyes started comparing her life with mine.

“Will I be able to sit in an air conditioned cab like you? Will I be able to listen to music? Will I be able to wear glasses? Will I be able to have friends like you? Will I ever find the love of my life? Will I get my first kiss?”

And slowly, the cab started moving and halted again. I did not stop watching her, even though she started gazing at a BMW with the same innocence. My inner-self started howling.

“Do you have problems more than this girl? Are you wounded like her? Don’t you have a better life? Don’t you experience joy at least once a day? Will you be able to survive one single day like this poor girl? Will you be able to walk on the streets with torn clothes? Will you be able to walk barefooted in this scorching sun? Do you know how many people are living their lives like this girl?” and the questions went on!

An infinite number of thoughts started overtaking the ceaseless howling. The cab started to move again. The tendons and muscles of my neck started to pain. I turned back and came to the normal position. I realized how fortunate we are. How lucky we are to have this comfortable life. At the same time, there were few unanswered questions…..

Why this situation… Will it ever change… What’s this cruelty of nature…

and… I hoped that her life would change someday.

The girl with that tender eyes….

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