Whisper of the Heart

When he was about to end his life, it asked him to stop.

When she was about to lose hope of her life, it asked her to gain hope.

When he fell down for the first time, it told him not to repeat the same mistake again.

When she fell in love with him, it asked her to go and confess.

When he faced failure, again and again, it asked him to get up and run the race of life.

When a silence prevailed between the couple, it asked them to kiss.

It” is constantly trying to communicate with each and every one of us. Few of us listen, but few of us do not care. It is trying to give us signs. It is trying to show the path of our life. What is it?

It” is…..

The Instinct.

“Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself”
-Oprah Winfrey

The inner voice that resides in the shadows of our mind. We don’t know what it looks like, how it breeds within us. But, the voice is just like a distinct murmur. In the midst of all the commotions that take place in our mind, this voice is unique, and when listened has greater power. What is it trying to communicate with us?

Consider the mind as a room painted in black and white. A room where all our doubts, feelings, emotions find a space to battle and quarrel with each other. This voice is a strange creature that hides in a dark corner and whispers words or “directions”. It hears all the quarrels that take place within the room, absorbs everything and whispers back.

When we are in a state of doubt, a confusion, this particular voice whispers the ways to get out of it. But, do we really care about it? Our intellectual mind start the ceaseless series of doubts and fears. “What if it goes wrong?” is the first question our mind blurts out.

Wise men said, “follow your instincts”, yes… follow your instincts. Somehow they know what is right. Never ever doubt your instincts. Instincts are like an undiscovered treasure we possess. We become less confident when we stop listening to those inner voices. Eventually, we get into troubles. Sometimes we fail deliberately. But somewhere deep inside, the flame will still be alive. Make the flame burn more. BE CONFIDENT and try again and again.

Instincts are born from the very depth of our hearts to communicate with our intellectual mind. A sign, an omen or a direction. It comes and goes but it does not fail you… ever. Our body holds numerous innate wonders. Instincts are one of those. Instincts never fail you.

‘Something tells me that it’ll go well.
Something tells me that I’ll be fine.
Something tells me that all my pains will go off.
Something tells me that I’ll prosper in my life.
Something tells me that I’ll leave this addiction.
Something tells me that I’ll fall in love someday.
Something tells me that I will achieve my dreams someday.
Something tells me that I’m a good human being.
Something tells me that this will be right for me.’

We all hear these whispers (at least once a day). But very few of us accept. The remaining others shut this with a “NO”. Say “YES” and go ahead with your life… Whatever trouble and pain you are in, One fine day, One lovely day, One wonderful day when you think back in time, tears will roll down your cheeks. At that time… you’ll realize who you are and what you are capable of doing and how you have transformed.

Nobody in this universe is destined to live a depressing life. Live the present. Listen to the innate voices. You may feel like burning in a puddle of molten lava, but the universe will give you a thunderstorm at the right moment.

Trust your instincts and listen to your inner voice. It always tries to protect you.

With love,

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