The Story of a woMAN

Maybe, she was innocent when she was used as an instrument by men to fulfill their sexual needs.
Maybe, she stayed silent and denied to inform her parents.

Maybe, she was molested again and again.
Maybe, she got uncomfortable with men.
Maybe, she preferred to stay alone and silent.
Maybe, she had high dreams.
Maybe, she tried to banish those scars but deliberately failed.
Maybe, she woke up in the middle of the night with fear and tears.
Maybe, she lost all her peace.
Maybe, she needed a fresh start.
Maybe, she moved on with her life.
Maybe, after almost ten years, one particular night she got physically harassed again.
Maybe, all her painful memories came back to her.
Maybe, she tried to run away from the clutches of this excruciating life.
Maybe, she got permanently affected.
Maybe, she believed in karma and had concrete hope that those men will be punished.
Maybe, the scars were so deep and unforgettable.

Maybe, it was all true.
Maybe, she was not a “she“… but a “he.


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