Won’t you overhear a conversation like this?

It was a Sunday and I was having a cup of tea in the nearby cafe. The time was quarter past 11 in the morning. The weekend crowd was slowly picking up its pace and in no time the cafe was full. There were three empty seats around my table and it waited for its visitors…

They were filled in no time. As I was calmly sipping the masala chai, I was intrigued by the conversation between the three people who were sitting next to me.
Err, I was eavesdropping. My humble apologies for all those who are offended by my behavior.


Two guys and a girl were having this conversation. To my opposite, sat the two guys and next to me was the girl. They would have been in the late 20’s, probably 6-7 years elder than me.

This was the conversation between;
The bearded guy (1) | The guy with the sweet wife (2) | The girl with dimple cheeks (3)

The conversation went like this.


Guy 1 – He’s gotta sweet wife!

Guy 2 – Drinks water with a smile.

The girl – Really!

Guy 1 – Yes, ask him the story.

The girl – Yea, tell me.

Guy 2 – It was an arranged marriage. She’s from a rural village and she had completed a Bachelor’s of Science (BSc) in Mathematics. She’s sweet, calm and a content woman. She even makes me drinks! and allows me to drink occasionally. When she pours whiskey in the glass there’s this wicked smile on her face. I savor my drink, she peels the orange skin and hands me the pieces of Orange one after the other.

The girl – Doesn’t she drink?

Guy 2 – Nope.

The girl – What!


I was shocked, not by the fact that his wife didn’t drink but by the way “The Girl” reacted

The girl – So you drink every day?

Guy 2 – No, I drink occasionally. Monthly once or twice. When it gets to drinking every week, she’s like “Enough of drinking, you are taking advantage of me”. And when she says that, it’s time to get back to the monthly once-cycle.

The girl – Wow.

Guy 1 – I told you! he’s got a sweet wife.



Throughout the conversation, they totally forgot that I was sitting right next to them.

This conversation would look totally normal to you. You may think what’s in there to brag so much. “What’s the big deal?” would be your inner voice now.

All I could do was just smile. It was not an “amazing” conversation. But, it was indeed sweet. The guy with the sweet wife was blushing all over when he talked about his wife. Even though there was some amount of exaggeration from the bearded guy,  they were painted as a wonderful couple in my mind. It was not because of the fact that she made him drinks. When he talked about her,

There was an excitement in his eyes.
A blush which he was trying to hide.
A pride in his posture. And,
A soulful happiness in his face.

Yeah, she was from a remote village. She didn’t possess an “engineering degree” (that’s what modern day people expect). She has not lived in an urban environment. She didn’t make any money.

It was simply the unconditional love. The unbreakable bond.

The glitter in his eyes when he talked about her got etched in my mind.
Wish, I saw her.
He was the King and she was the Queen, lost in the forest of love ❤


Sometimes… Eavesdropping is bliss. 


Feature image courtesy – columbiacollegearchives.wordpress.com

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