Student Startups – The New Era: Part 1

I’ve been waiting to write about this for a long time. I guess this is a perfect time. New year comes with new dreams, new aspirations, new energy, and etc.. For the young generation, it’s been always a dream to start their own startup. Startups are one of the hottest topics buzzing our ears wherever we go (you can’t deny).  With the extensive use of the internet to gather knowledge, and with the ease to collaborate and communicate with anyone, young India has started to run the Startup marathon. Numerous initiatives have been introduced to foster teeny-tiny to gargantuan startups.

I’d like to focus only on the student startups of today. Particularly students who are doing their Under Graduate (UG) have a special energy in them. But, this energy can help them to kick start their firm. What comes next is the big thing. Learning about the market, competitors, sales & marketing, customer service, meeting deadlines, and they are supposed to take care of all these while they are doing their UG. Yes, students do exist like that. The undying passion, the fire to work hard, patience, the never give up attitude are some of the mandatory attributes any entrepreneur needs.

You need to be as calm as Alfred and as strong as Bruce Wayne. Please don’t make yourself a joke(r). – by me!

I’m going to highlight upon few things you (as a student) need to ensure if you are in the massive idea of incepting a *student* startup. So, you’ve got a wonderful idea in your mind and badly want it to become a reality? Then these are the things you must probably do.

Patience is your alternate word for “Open Sesame”


Patiently work on your ideas. If you have a friend of yours (may be the future business partner), you people can discuss things together. Patience is the only way to *start* building a startup. Work out the risks (there are many), fix budgets, identify competitions, try to learn about the market, and please document everything that resonates from your(s) vocal chord(s). It’s not going to be an easy path. Read more and more. Listen to orations of various influencers. Read about the history of various markets and have a soft corner for economics. Do watch TEDtalks. Your ground work can take a month(s) and when you are completely clear about what you are going to do, slowly slide into the next step.

Speak up. Believe in yourself. Take risks.

Err, please do complete your college assignments while you are on this million dollar mission.

The ART of Building your Team


For the start, you can have a small team. To the max a team of  4-10 depending on the type of business, and the expertises required. Have casual conversations with as many people as possible. They may be from a different branch, different semester or maybe even your staffs. Take few months to educate people/friends with your ideas and again, patiently listen to each and every one of them. I’m sure that a lot of criticism will bombard your ear-drums. Extract the required learnings from others and leave the rest. Since you are a student, you have a lot of time but you lack experience. No worries! keep up your good work. In a month you will get a better idea on who all you require for building your dream company. Officially “hire” them for your startup. They maybe your friends or friends-of-friends.

The Thing that motivates me is a very common form of motivation. And that is, with other folks counting on me, it’s so easy to be motivated. – Jeff Bezos, CEO – Amazon

From now on, be your own boss. When you “hire” your friends, make sure to let them know what’s the job they need to do. As of now, they are your friends who are willing to work for your startup. Have clarity in whatever you work with. Do not boss around or be grumpy to friends who work for you because they are the ones who have believed in your ideas. Surely, issues and arguments may arise. It’s your job to solve the problems within your team and for that, you need patience. In a month or two, you’ll be done with building your team.

OOPS! By this time, your semester exams would arrive. So take a short break and please pass your exams!

Have you started thinking about your dream startup? Need any help? Contact me here or kill those keys in your keypad and hit a mail to

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Student Startups – The New Era: Part 1

  1. But the thing is that student are having lack of awarness about Startup India.I made presentation year ago about Startup India and won the first prize in ppt.No Student was ready to listen and few staff member listened and asked question and answer regarding it.
    But this campaign unable reach the student mind because the thing is tat from the first year the college makes the student to aim for core companies and not do for own startup.I think entrepreneurship shoild be part of syballus so that student do and dont in businesses.
    Apart from incubators and accelators which do help in businesses. The college should came and support the student. The best example is Standford University bcoz of tat university told HP and Intel came up in World Market.
    Our Indian colleges should encourage this things.
    Luckily we many exemptions in business for in Startup India.Which made to attract the Young Indian entrepreneur.To start business in India with easy way.
    Anyways I support your blog and campaign .Mukil I wish more people like you come and address the students like this
    Jai Hind


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