Engineering was everything about being “Out of Syllabus”

We wonder why on earth we studied engineering. There are people in their early 30’s who *still* confess that “My job and my degree(s) are not related in any way”.

I hated the 4 years of my engineering life. With high dreams and passion, stepping into the college with a hope as tiny as a speck of dust. A hope, that I’ll be able to give life to my dreams. My ears ringed with these two phrases “You are going to waste your life”, “You won’t get placed”. All I could react was: F-U.


According to me, I had 4 years of time exclusively for developing and gaining expertise in my area of interests.

“Screw exams and assignments! I don’t need marks to prove myself.” The over-confident part of me would say this with pride. Of course, I got screwed up with my exams. I was pushed to the edge of the cliff

My failures pushed me to the edge of the cliff. Little did I know that life was beyond that cliff.

I’m happy that I failed. I’m not a believer but, if there is someone/something known as God. I thank him/her/it for making me fail, again and again.

Ideal Indian parents would lock their son/daughter within these gates.

Bachelor of Engineer – MNC/M.S/MBA – Abroad / 12 LPA paycheck – Get Married

Try any other thing apart from this? An emotional drama would start and you are messed Up! I found a way to break these gates. It’s simple, prove yourself to your parents. Prove that you can do it and in order to achieve it, you need to work in silence.

When I was in the final year of my engineering, a quick poll was conducted on “what you’re aiming to do after graduation.” 50% of the replies were something that was far away from the lane of engineering.  Their ambitions required a brand new set of values (I’ll write a separate post for that). The remaining 50% wanted to be hardcore engineers.
There was a guy who told that he wants to become an actor, another wanted to start a business. Followed by others who aimed to become a chef, event manager, singer, DJ, VFX artist and the list never ended. And, when asked why you did not avail a course or take steps to gain knowledge in it, the reply was “I need permission from my parents, they asked me to complete engineering and then do whatever the crap I wanted to do.”

Engineering is that backup battery pack in many of our lives.

The argument most parents may come up with is, “what if you fail in your so called passion? and come to the streets?” Yea, that’s a valid argument. You can win the argument if you have the guts to prove yourself to this world.

giphy (1).gif

Enough of feeling depressed and enough of feeling scared about failures. Try to learn these few things in your 4 years journey.

  • Patience
  • Accepting failure and extracting the learnings
  • Researching the opportunities and scope for your passion
  • Planning your weekly activities
  • Reading great articles
  • Interacting with influencers
  • Self – motivation
  • Never give up attitude
  • Welcoming criticism
  • Challenging the hurdles
  • Pass your exams

Finally, create and develop an identity for yourself. Don’t be yet another sheep of the flock. Become an “Out of Syllabus” person and kick start your brand new journey!


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