Social media, an insecure confined space of the 21st century kids – Part 1

Live videos, enhanced IM services, 360° photos, Instagram’s and WhatsApp’s stories, and the swipe right/left for a match!

The internet has changed the way we live and the way we socialize.


I still remember the day I joined Facebook. I had only two friends for a period of 12-18 months as there weren’t any members whom I knew. Then, the account went inactive for a year (I didn’t know what to do with that). Slowly, the word spread about Facebook and one after the other, new members joined and successfully sent their first “HI“.

The next big transition happened as soon as the smartphones were released. The mobile-compatible websites and apps started dominating. The mobile phone which I use today has the configuration of my first laptop. Eventually,  an exponential growth in internet users increased the registrations on the social media channels, a bountiful number of socializing apps were released. The 90’s kids grew watching this advancement in technology.

Nowadays, we can clearly see a drastic change in the behavior of teenagers. They are not like us. It’s quite easy to alter the mind of teenagers using social media. A couple of posts can stimulate their emotions. An offensive comment can induce rage, an intimate post can turn them on, and it’s simple to ask for a date by tapping few keys.

Social media doesn’t fix things. It just amplifies things.
– Anonymous

Social media is a one-stop place to get to know about the trending stuff happening in and around your geographical location. Social media has become a place to grieve, to feel happy, to feel loved, to feel thoughtful, to feel angry, to feel sexy, etc.

I got an opportunity to strike a conversation with a network security specialist. He was once an ethical hacker and the topic of social media arose. This is what he told.
“Social media channels are one of the most dangerous vulnerability. If the privacy precautions are not taken properly, one can easily pull out each and every detail about you. It’s very simple to study the movements and behavior of a person using social media.”

In a world where everyone is exposed, the coolest thing you can do is maintain your mystery
– Anonymous

Being said all that, I hope you would change your social media practices and provide more importance to privacy.

Don’t confine your life within social media. It’s yet another web page.

Do wait for the next part of this post. To be continued.



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