Mass Layoff?

The media fuzz about the happening/upcoming layoffs by various IT firms in India has indeed become a concern for many. Few reports blame Donald Trump, and few others blame the technology advancements. But, one thing is sure. People are getting laid-off. Yes, it’s happening and it’s not the first of its kind.

Millions of engineers get graduated every year and most of the students (and their family) get settled with a job in any of the IT Service companies like TCS, CTS, Infosys, Wipro, Capegemini, etc… The average salary for a fresher given by the IT service companies ranges between 3-3.5 Lakhs per Annum. This seems quite convincing for anyone who’s stepping into a corporate.

There was a time during which getting into an IT service was a prestigious achievement for an individual and a family. I still remember few of the families going crazy whenever their son/daughter got a job in an IT company. And celebration happens when they get an “onsite offer”. Followed by the hilarious episode of searching for a bride or a groom.

Right from parents to teachers, relatives to family friends, their first advice for any upcoming engineer would be – study well, get a high paying job (or do MS) and earn more. For those who get into IT, their next advice would be, go on-site, get settled for a girl which your parents choose. Of course, there are other streams like Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, but due to very low opportunities, they have no other choice than to land into an IT company.

No company markets themselves as “We give you a risk-free career. We guarantee you job security”. It’s the society or ourselves who get settled for an IT job even after knowing about the industry. It’s purely business. Each company has their own business model, use their choice of tools and technology. Now that a major amount of manual work is getting cut-off by automated technologies, the IT service companies have started cutting their resources and obviously, a company always tries to increase their profit margins. Again, it’s business.

IT giants are not going to care about your alternate career plans when you’re given a pink slip. Their least courtesy would be to give you an extra cheque when you sign-off. That’s how the industry works. People come and go but the top managements’ first and foremost priority would be to survive in the market during a recession and increase their profit when things are stable.

I’m not degrading the IT industry here. I’m asking the society not to praise IT jobs so much and create an impact on the younger generation. On the first day of my college. The first advice I hear from a professor – “Study well and get into great companies like TCS, CTS. If you are not going to get a job in those companies, then your life is finished. All your seniors have good jobs in those companies.” Okay, I accept that TCS/CTS or whatever company is great. But, why to benchmark/refer a huge billion dollar industry with this? Students mentality completely change after this ceaseless stuffing of unwanted “bits of advice”. I’ve seen people cry and get depressed like their life’s over because they lost an offer in an IT Service company.

The point is… There’s no one to guide the upcoming generation of youngsters. And, as many reports say, the IT industry is in a transitional phase. There’s more to come… Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc.. And more jobs are to be cut-off.

You can’t expect job security in an IT company. You can’t blame an IT company for ruining your life. It’s business. It all matters in how you choose and how equipped you are to tackle and face this industry.

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