9 things you’d have faced if you are a bachelor living in a rental house.

Being a bachelor in a “gated community” is not an easy job. First, you struggle to rent a house. People who rent their house for non-veg eating bachelors are so low. If at all they rent you one, the problems start after you move in.

Here are the 9 things which you’d have faced if you are a bachelor in a gated community consisting of families.

● Few months after moving in, you get an alienated feeling.

● You won’t know who your neighbors are. They won’t even have the courtesy to say a “hi”. All they’d do is lock the door (with a bang) whenever you come out of your house.

● You will struggle alone (or) along with your roomies in times of a natural disaster.

● The sound of music in your home becomes a concern for your neighbors more than their TV volume in which some super-emotional local serial runs. And, all the women cry in the serial.

● If you invite girl(s) to your house, they may be your relatives or friends. The “community” thinks that you are inviting them to have sex. Eww, that’s disgusting, right?

● The community thinks that you are high 24/7/365 even if you are a teetotaller.

● Once you pick a fight with someone for unnecessarily irritating you or blaming you for things that you didn’t do, the community starts thinking that you and you roomies are a bunch of rogues. By the way, the neighbor would have used filthy words.

● The watchman always keeps an eye on you. Even when he’s drunk.

● Whenever you buy food for dinner, they think that you’re buying beer and chicken for the night. But, you would have bought idly and set dosa with coconut chutney.

The list goes on…

A famous dialog from a Tamil movie named “Aandavan Kattalai” goes like this.


Not all bachelors are bad. Oh, wait. Not all human beings are bad. So, please stop bashing bachelors and brand them as “problem makers”. We stay here to make a living. We too have emotions and dreams.

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