We Are All Broken. Aren’t We?

On our daily commute to the office, we come across a lot of people. If it’s metropolitan, there’s no doubt that you get to see people from all walks of life. My return time from office to home would fall between 9:30 PM-10:00 PM. The time at which the city would slowly drift back to a peaceful and less polluted mode. With tiredness crept around our body, we reach our home and stay awake for a few hours and eventually fall asleep.

I live in Chennai and my timings are almost similar to the one mentioned above. My commute consists of a walk for approximately 15 Minutes. On my return journey, I used to see a lot of worried faces, enthusiastic street food sellers, frustrated faces, drunkards, mentally unstable people, and people who ‘re making their beds on platforms.

After more than 2 decades of back to back roller coaster rides, life would have taught us a lot of lessons. Somewhere on our path, every single one of us, in our 20’s go through a lot of emotional stress. Disappointments and failures are no strangers to us. Dealing with these is not a cake walk. This is an era where all of us tend to show ourselves happy to the outside world. But, we are not as happy as we seem.

The 70 year old half-naked man who sits and cries on a pavement, the beggar woman who begs for a penny in a railway station, the mother of 3 who waits in the car for her husband to finish his 13th smoke of the day, the schoolboy who’s upset because he has failed in his physics exam, the graduate who flunked his 5th interview of the day, the girl who burnt her dreams due to the pressure from the society, the youth who feels worthless about his life, and us…

We are all broken. Aren’t we?

Multiple thoughts sprout in our minds whenever we feel dejected or depressed.

“Why it has to be always me?
Why should I tell this to my friend and ruin his/her day?
If only this did not happen.
Why is my life so ruined?
I’m just a burden to others.”

And it goes on…

The accumulation of thoughts drives us insane. It’s difficult for us to get over our failures and problems. But, it’s like the yin-yang. It’s like the two complementary forces that interact with each other and form this dynamic equilibrium. The light will lose its purpose without darkness. Magnetic South will lose its purpose without the magnetic North. And life will lose its purpose without an equal amount of sadness and happiness. You can’t say that you’re unhappy or happy 24/7/365. We all have our own problems, fears, disappointments and at the same time, we have a purpose to feel happy, to feel delighted and joyful. How far we handle these two forces is what that defines us.

Nobody’s perfect. On this land mass, we humans are like the irregular pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Somewhere we fit in and help ourselves and those who are in need. Together we complete this puzzle, form the beautiful world, and make it a better place to live and love.

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