Chennai – A Dreamer’s Abode

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Chennai, the city where millions of dreams come true and billions are in making…

As a kid, I used to travel to Chennai once or twice a year just to attend family functions. All I knew about this city was the electric trains, marina beach, and OMR (though, I didn’t know the expansion). Standing in between my father and mother, I used to wonder what is so special about this city? Which element(s) of this city attracts hundreds of hundreds of people from all over this country?

Time gave me the answers.

It was the time of 12th standard results and just like any other child in a typical middle-class family, I had this pressurized feeling which potatoes feel inside a pressure cooker. As expected I got poor marks and I was packed and sent to a private engineering college in Chennai.


Marina Beach as seen from the lighthouse.

Here I was, with broken dreams, away from the family and friends, within four walls of the boy’s hostel, in the city of Chennai. As months went, I got back on track and Chennai gave me this new energy. The people of Chennai, the widespread opportunities, and more importantly I was able to meet individuals with similar ideologies and interests like mine. Exponential learning and life-altering experiences have made me love the City more than anything.

Arts, technology, medicine, engineering, architecture, food, fashion, literature, cinema, entertainment and what not?! You name it, and you’d get it in Chennai. This city was my coliseum to make my dreams come true and so it was for thousand others. Chennai made me run with it and a saying goes with it – ஓடுற குதிரை ஜெயிக்கிற ஊர்.


The enthralling shopping streets, the aura during IPL’s, the elegant filter coffee, the enchanting festival seasons adds more masala to this metropolitan. Being a major Information Technology hub of India, you don’t get enough to satisfy your tech-savvy appetite. Oh! you get delicious street food too till midnight.


The filter coffee.

 In some way, Chennai contributed hugely in exploring whom I really was. Chennai was not just a city anymore. It became my emotion. I came to this city with a pair of suitcases and a camera. After more than five years, today, I can say that I’m leading a satisfactory life. The suitcases are going to stay and my dreams never cease to soar higher each day. Chennai –  definitely a dreamer’s abode.

This post was originally published at –


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