The Story of Mukil Ganesan Wedding Photography

Holding a Yashika analog camera in my hand, not knowing what to do and being intrigued by the numbers on the display, I ask my dad for help. “Center the frame,” he says. The tender fingers of mine are wrapped around the flimsy plastic body of the camera and I feel both nervous and excited. Controlling my shivering hands, I place my left eye on the viewfinder and I wait for the machine to focus. I could feel the motor inside the soap sized camera move. I press and release the shutter button.

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Bangkok – JUST GO!


Bangkok, Thailand!! That’s what this post is all about!

It was 26th December 2014. Myself and two of my buddies were all set to start our journey to Bangkok. We were to attend an International Conference. Note that the conference was scheduled on 28th of December. This was going  to be my second trip to a foreign destination.

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